Quantum dot technology

A fundamental problem of phytotherapy is to make the active ingredient of the plant available to the body. This is often only insufficiently possible by the classical methods (aqueous, ethanolic, oily extract) or by dissolution in supercritical carbon dioxide. The method of choice is then the quantum dot technology.

This is a patented biophysical process for enhancing the effects of natural ingredients. The latest quantum-physical principles are combined with traditional phytotherapeutic approaches. The basis here is the quantum dot, consisting of a crystal and a semiconductor. Many natural ingredients are made of semiconductors, which is why they can be used in a quantum dot in a much smaller amount of active ingredient and at the same time a better effect is achieved.

In addition, our active ingredients are in colloidal form, which is why they can be absorbed even better by the body and show a higher bioavailability.

We have combined the knowledge of the power of nature with the latest technology to offer a highly efficient nutritional supplement.

BGF 2019 Experts: Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld

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