As a manufacturer of biological medicines, we are committed to the humoral pathological concept of human biology. In doing so, we consciously aim for the maximum-minimum principle and strive to achieve the greatest possible treatment success with the least possible amount of preparations.

Holism – our mission statement

The term „holism“ means wholeness. The holistic states that every single part of an object, including the human body, contains the whole in condensed form. The piece is whole and the whole is in every part. The key aspect is that the part makes statements about the whole. Transferred to medicine, we then speak of a holistic diagnosis and wholeness therapy. To have a holistic consciousness is the necessary requirement of our time, which until now has been striving to dissolve everything, and unfortunately is still, because the analyzing science has always demanded it. We have come to realize that with this analytical method of thinking and researching, innumerable interesting analysates and isolates could be found, but nowhere is the whole, the preservation, restoration and healing of which is at stake. Because the whole thing is only alive, as long as it stays whole. It becomes lifeless when it is physically-chemically analyzed and decomposed. All the innumerable scientific-technical products that the analytical method has allowed us to gain have enriched our lives, but they can not make us healthier. On the contrary, we are facing the collapse of our bios, of our lives. However, this requires a holistic approach, especially in the field of medicine.

The efforts towards a holistically oriented medicine, based on the foundations of biological natural research, go back to the 1920s. In heated discussions, the supporters of a „biological medicine“ and the representatives of established conventional medicine provided historically documented trench battles.

A biologist had already warned in 1955: „It is not the nuclear danger that will eradicate mankind, but the absence of biology in the shortest possible time“. His extensive microbiological and humoral pathology studies still show us the way to a biological health and disease understanding today.

For naturopaths and non-medical practitioners, there is no physico-chemically isolated partial thinking, because with each illness the organism as a whole is ill. Nor does the holistic therapist know of a therapy directed at narrowly defined goals. The HOLOTHERAPEUT always strives to achieve the entire organism diagnostically and therapeutically. With this in mind, we have built our holistic diagnosis and therapy concept, hoping that this holistic approach will inspire many holistic therapists, thereby saving many patients from unnecessary suffering and healing.

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